‘Love Alarm 2’ Heralds Matured Characters and Deeper Worldview

Netflix original series Love Alarm 2 has unveiled still photos that capture matured characters and a deeper worldview.

Credit: Netflix

Love Alarm 2 depicts the straightforward romance between a woman who can’t make her “love alarm” right and two men who desire to know her true feelings. Today, Netflix unveiled still photos of six major characters, signaling even more dynamic fun.

Four years after the “love alarm” was created, Jo Jo, Hye Young, and Sun Oh meet once again as adults. The entire world has changed with “love alarm”, and the influence of this alarm only grows more with the new update that shows two new functions: “persons that like you” and “persons that you will like.” The new social class is made with the number of hearts, the method of love has shifted completely, and “love alarm” started being used in crimes.

Credit: Netflix

With the newly updated “love alarm 2.0,” Jo Jo, who can’t convey her true feelings because of the shield, Hye Young, who silently stays by her side, and Sun Oh, who still lingers around Jo Jo, face new conflicts. Director Kim Jin Woo shared, “The characters have become more mature in season two. We also deal with social problems caused by ‘love alarm,’ and we tried to show how the characters were affected them.”

Credit: Netflix

The still photos for Gul Mi, Yook Jo, and Brain Jeon were also released. Go Min Si turns into Gul Mi, who slowly changes in her struggle to join the “badge club,” while Kim Si Eun plays Yook Jo, Sun Oh’s girlfriend and a member of the “badge club.” Yook Jo smiling brightly at Sun Oh, who still hasn’t ring her love alarm, amplifies curiosity about what changes have occurred in their relationship. The role of Brain Jeon, the developer of “love alarm,” went to Ki Do Hoon, who will be adding tension to the play with his mysterious charm.

Meanwhile, Love Alarm 2 will be released on Netflix on March 12.

Source: Netflix

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