Song Joong Ki and Yoo Jae Myung Face Extreme Crisis in ‘Vincenzo’

Credit: tvN

Song Joong Ki faced a crisis as he got involved with the villains’ cartel in Vincenzo.

The episode of tvN’s weekend series Vincenzo which aired on the 27th recorded average viewer ratings of 9.3% and the highest of 11.9% in the Seoul Metropolitan area.

In this episode, Vincenzo (Song Joong Ki) learned about the reality of the cartel linked to the Babel Pharmaceutical case. As he sensed danger, he dissuaded Hong Yu Chan (Yoo Jae Myun) from confronting the pharmaceutical, but he tried to fight with everything at risk. Hong Yoo Chan tried to destroy the drug cartel by persuading key witnesses of the case. Eventually, he was attacked and Vincenzo fell in shock when faced with an intense crisis.

Vincenzo also learned more about the Babel Pharmaceutical incident through Hong Yu Chan. He found out that the about-to-be-released new medicine contained narcotics as its main ingredient. If it was to be released, it was as if spreading drugs around in the country. Hong Yu Chan tried to stop the mass distribution of addictive drugs at all costs.

Credit: tvN

However, Vincenzo’s idea was different. “When you meet a dead end, the wisest thing to do is to get out of there,” he said, advising Hong Yu Chan to step away from the case.

Vincenzo has gotten himself involved with the villains as he stands against the Babel Group in order to protect Geumga Plaza. Vincenzo and Hong Yu Chan faced a crisis in which their lives were at risk. The adventures of Vincenzo which officially began also became unpredictable. Attention is focused on what kind of punishment Vincenzo the ‘Dark Hero’ is to take against villains led by Choi Myung Hee.


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  • Superb acting of all the characters Great casting…. what a twist and turn of events and this is what makes korean drama differnet from other international series.. no need to show so much violence, hatred sex in order for us to be entertained or keep it watching, this is not just a drama and action as well comedy, thrill in one.. and there is always a moral.lesson per story not only just crying and acting… each episode will show the bad and good side of the character and its plot… kudos to the writer as well… waiting for the nwxt episodes…..

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