Comparing BTS to COVID-19 – German Radio Makes Racist Remarks Against BTS and ARMY and Asian Communities Enraged

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A global-scale controversy arose after a german radio basically compared BTS to the COVID-19 virus.

On the night of Feb 25 (KST), Matthias Matuschik, the host of the German radio program “bayern3” left highly inappropriate remarks against BTS.

“Nothing against South Korea. You can’t accuse me of xenophobia just because this boy band from the South – I have a car from South Korea. I have the coolest car ever. I drive a South Korean car with a six-cylinder, twin-turbocharger, four-wheel drive, all the bells and whistles, and a top speed of 270, Korea rules, well, South Korea. But BTS. And BTS, yes, they actually have an MTV Unplugged now – with a boy band, Unplugged! That alone is paradoxical! Yes? And then these … these little pissers brag about the fact that they covered Fix You from Coldplay, where I say: “This is blasphemy!” And that’s what I say as an atheist! This is … this is sacrilege, for this you will … for this you will be vacationing in North Korea for the next 20 years! That was the introduction to Fix You, …”

It is said that the big reason behind his racist comments is because he was “pissed” about the fact that BTS covered Coldplay’s “Fix You” in MTV Unplugged, which even Coldplay praised. And soon after his words were broadcast, it sparked a heated response from ARMY as well as many Asian communities.

Shocked by the heated reactions, Matuschik and “bayern3” released their official statement/apology.

Credit: Twitter

However, even after their statements, hashtags like “#RassismusBeiBayern3”, “#Bayern3Racist,” and “Wir sind gegen Rassismus (We are against racism)” started to trend worldwide on Twitter. And numerous global artists, including Halsey, Lauv, and Max, raised their voices on the matter as well.

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