U-Know Yunho Helped Out a Victim of School Bullying? (TW: Bullying and violence) 

[Trigger Warning: The following article contains details of bullying and violence including a knife.]

Recently, a heart-warming story regarding U-Know Yunho helping out a victim of bullying in his school days has risen to the surface.

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A post was made to an online community on the 17th about the act of kindness of TVXQ’s Yunho. The anonymous poster who claimed to be from the same middle school as Yunho expressed their gratitude saying, “I was able to endure through my school days with words of U-Know Yunho, who was not even close to me nor was in the same class.”

The original poster (OP) wrote, “when a friend in the same class hurt me with a knife, I foolishly thought it was all a joke without recognizing that it was school violence. I finally realized it after my homeroom teacher discovered it and consulted me. I felt so stupid that I cried and even thought of dropping out of school.”

However, it was Yunho who helped this OP, who even decided to drop out. “U-Know Yunho went to the same school as me, but we were not close as we were not in the same class. He was just a popular idol-like friend who danced at every school event, but one day he saw my arm and grabbed it. He asked whether “they (the other friend) did it” and if I wanted him to scold the friend.”

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Whilst the OP claimed that they were too embarrassed and just said that it was okay, they said that they managed not to drop out of school because of those words of Yunho. “It was a huge support for me. I graduated safely, and now I’m living a great life with my family,” they said. “I wrote this post in the midst of numerous school violence exposures, as the attention and support from the people around the victim seem to be what is the most important. I also wanted to say thank you to Yunho, as I wasn’t able to at the time,” they explained.

The OP, who was previously a victim of school bullying, also said that they always cheer for Yunho whenever he appears on the TV. “I want many people to know that he was a truly passionate and righteous friend.”


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