Kang Daniel Says He Even Considered Retiring Because of His Panic Disorder and Depression

Credit: MBC

Kang Daniel talked about the difficulties he had to endure while suffering from depression and panic disorder.

In the recent episode of MBC’s Radio Star, Kang Daniel, Kim Bum Soo, Yang Chi Seung, and Park Young Jin appeared as guests.

On this day, Kang recalled the days he suffered from depression and panic disorder. “The year before last, panic disorder and depression hit me at once, and I had lost all desire for living. I lost my appetite as well as my desire to survive. Guess you could say that I lost a sense of purpose in living. It was like I was just living so I won’t die. And that vicious cycle has worsened my depression,” shared Kang.

But he added that he was encouraged by the energetic performances of other singers. He added, “I listened to a lot of music then. I was also inspired by other singers’ performances. I even had hearts to retire, but I found the passion for getting on stage once again.”

Kang also mentioned his lastest smash “Paranoia,” saying, “I wrote the lyrics myself while thinking about the times I was mentally challenged. So the lyrics are really dark.”


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