Sayuri Fujita Returns to Korea, But Her Newly Born Son Cannot Wear a Mask?

Credit: Instagram / @sayuriakon13

TV personality Sayuri has returned to Korea from Japan.

On the 12th, Sayuri posted a video titled “Making rice cake (?) and Returning to Korea [Sayuri, the Mom_Ep.13]” on her YouTube channel SayuriTV.

Seen in the video was Sayuri making rice cake with her family and the process of returning to Korea. Sayuri says in the video, “I’m going to make rice cakes with my family. I eat a lot of rice cakes during festivals and they’re healthy and delicious.” The entertainer’s parents helped her make the rice cake but they ended up claiming that “it’s a mess” and that the finished product can only be eaten amongst the family.

Sayuri’s mother and father were also seen with their grandson Zen, creating a warm atmosphere.

Credit: Instagram / @sayuriakon13

Afterward, Sayuri was seen boarding a flight to Korea with her son, Zen, in the video. “In Japan, babies under the age of three are not allowed to have masks on,” she explained, “it’s because they will have difficulties breathing.”

The mother added that that is why she has to be extra careful when in the airport. “I’m nervous because of COVID-19. I hope we arrive safely,” she said.

Meanwhile, Sayuri gave birth to a son last year after receiving sperm from the Japanese sperm bank. Her son’s name, Zen, holds the meaning of “my everything.”


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