Jae Jae Says She Thought of Dropping Out of ‘Girls High School Mystery Class’?

Credit: TVING

The results of the test for the class S of Girls High School Mystery Class is to be revealed.

Credit: TVING

In the 5th and 6th episodes of TVING’s first original Girls High School Mystery Class released on Feb 12th, there will be events that are more detailed and mysterious than ever. Attention is rising as to how the mystery class will solve through them.

In addition, the shocking results of the test for the S class are revealed in this episode. The members of the mystery class took the test with all their abilities to find out the true identity behind the class S. It has been told that members shocked their homeroom teachers and the whole class with their unexpected results. Whether they have managed to enter the S class is yet to be revealed. The plot is unexpected as students suspected of cheating also appear in the episode with their suspicious identities.

Credit: TVING

The team will also take a leap toward the secret of Sara Girls’ High, which has been hiding in the mysterious space and creepy past. In response, the members of the mystery class are said to have shown genuine reactions including them saying “This is crazy,” “I thought of leaving the mystery squad,” “I didn’t know there would be a bigger secret,” and “It’s finally here.”

The unexpected expansion of the Girls High School Mystery Class‘ universe and its breathtaking plot is drawing keen attention. The show will be released exclusively on TVING, every Friday at 4 p.m. KST.


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