Netizens Tear Up at Park Jung Min’s Acceptance Speech Dedicated to the Late Comedian Park Ji Sun

Credit: Sports Chosun

The acceptance speech by the actor who won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards is making netizens tear up.

Yesterday (Feb 9), the 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards was at Incheon Paradise City. And on this day, the Best Supporting Actor Award went to Deliver Us From Evil actor Park Jung Min for his flawless portrayal of a transgender person.

After getting on stage, Park started his acceptance speech, saying, “First of all, I would like to say thank you. Thank you to all the audience who loved and cherished our film. Ah… But I really didn’t know I was going to win the award. Staff members and Lee Jung Jae and Hwang Jung Min, you guys all worked real hard. Thank you so much.”

Credit: MBC

But soon, he mentioned the late comedian Park Ji Sun.

“I didn’t expect (this award), but I did have a very small hope. If I could express my sincere gratitude to just one person in front of the microphone… one person came to mind. I actually thought a lot about whether to say this or not,” he said. “There was this friend who always asked me if I was okay whenever I was filming. And this friend who always asked me how I was doing and wondered about me went to heaven last year. But I haven’t been able to fully say goodbye yet.”

He continued, “If I could win an award, I wanted to tell her that I am sorry for not asking her if she was okay and that I will do my best so that she, who is watching me from heaven, will not be ashamed by me.”

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