Han Seo Hee Launchs Her YouTube Channel “Seoheechopath”

Credit: YouTube “Seoheechopath”

Han Seo Hee opened her own YouTube channel, “Seoheechopath,” and drop her first video on Feb 9 at 4 pm KST.

On Feb 6, Han Seo Hee officially launched her YouTube channel and uploaded the teaser video. She first opens up by saying, “There are people who don’t know me? This notorious girl?”

In fact, she is often referred to as a “YG sniper” on online communities. Not only did she claimed that Yang Hyun Suk tried to make her leave the country to cover up the fact that Big Bang’s T.O.P smoked weed, but she also whistleblew on B.I’s illegal drug usages and Yang Hyun Suk’s interference with the investigation.

Han also coolly admitted to being an “attention-seeker,” saying, “I always say this, but everyone wants attention. So yes, I wanted to do YouTube.” She then hinted at some of the most controversial keywords related to her: drugs, bisexuality and YG.

The video ended with her saying, “It’s been a while since I gave an update about myself. If you want to watch this, then watch. If you don’t want to, then don’t. I’m doing just fine.”

Here are some of the comments left on her channel: “She’s smiling? OMG. I’m scared, literally scared.” “The most scandalous woman in K-pop industry. Ruined careers of so many great and talented artists.” “I’m going to report her channel.” “The editing is awful.” “Wow. The production company must be low on money to cast her.”


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