Kim Hyang Gi Says Her Character in ‘I’ Was Intriguing as They Were Much Alike

Credit: Lotte Entertainment
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Kim Hyang Gi has once again shown improvement through I. I is a movie depicting the process of healing as Ah Young, an aged-out youth in her senior year of Children Education major becomes a babysitter for Young Chae, a first-time mother who raises her child alone without anyone to rely on.

Kim Hyang Gi expressed her feelings ahead of the movie’s release on the 10th through an online video interview carried out on the morning of the 4th.

She first pointed out that she chose the movie was as she was able to get through the scenario without blockage.

“When I saw the script, I read through it smoothly without wondering why Ah Young was acting or talking in a certain way. After finish reading it, I thought Ah Young’s character was much like myself. So, reading the scenarios was interesting. It was also enjoyable as the story contains bits of fun in it. Thankfully, it was also conveying a message about a social issue.”

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Kim Hyang Gi watched the movie at the premiere on the 3rd.

“I was watching it with a baffled heart and got teary once I saw Hyuk’s face. It was the first time that my emotions were this heightened while watching a piece of work I am in. It hasn’t been long since I finished shooting, so I didn’t think I would cry as my memories were still vivid.”

You also made efforts to play a character who has aged out of protective services.

“Ah Young lives her day to the fullest, one at a time, but there is a void in her heart that cannot be filled with her efforts. She acts within stable frameworks. Though this was not directly expressed in the movie, I thought it was an inherent mindset of hers. So I thought it would be good to depict such personality of Ah Young in her general aura. I felt that she is a character who is not good at sharing feelings with others.”

While I is a work of female lead characters, at the same time it captures a problem that is scattered around society.

“There are various characters played by women, and there also appear the problems those women face. Many people are leading a hard life, so I hope people don’t look at them with prejudice. It’d be hopeful if you could just recognize the problem as a problem by watching our movie. Rather than taking it personally, I hope viewers can think of ways to help from a rational point of view. I wish the message that we could build hope and solidarity even in difficulties can be delivered.”

You also thanked Ryu Hyun Kyung, whom you worked with.

“It was so nice on the set. Hyun Kyung has such positive energy. Instead of being tired from the vibrancy, she adds enough energy for us to be vibrant. While we were often feeling down on set, naturally due to our characters, we cheered each other on whenever we went on a break. She became the mood maker. It also somehow felt like the relationship between Young Chae and Ah Young. She made a situation where I could focus on my role while filming.”

You celebrated your 16th anniversary since debuting with the movie Heart Is… back in 2006.

“I’m greedy. It motivates me when people tell me they have seen a new side of me. It makes me confident. It also makes me want to find a new me whenever I get the opportunity to.”

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