Kim Myung Soo’s ‘Memory’ is Worth 11 Years of Wait

Credit: Studio & New

Singer and actor Kim Myung Soo has released his solo song in 11 years. He released his first single ‘Memory’ at 6 p.m. KST on the 3rd and released the song and music video for it.

This is the first time in 11 years that Kim Myung Soo has released an album as a solo singer. The artist, recognized for his intense performance and charming voice as a member of INFINITE, presents a different charm this time as a soloist. Kim Myung Soo’s sincere voice with the simple yet lyrical guitar sounds makes the song complete. It’s noteworthy that the song gives an analog feel as it does not use any electronic instruments.

The music video also reminds viewers of a healing movie, doubling the sentimentality of the song. With scenes that capture Kim Myung Soo’s day, night and moments between moments against the backdrop of various nature sceneries, the video once again catches the eyes with his visuals.

Credit: Woollim Entertainment

This song was particularly released by Kim Myung Soo before his enlistment in the Marine Corps which is to be on the coming 22nd. For fans who will desperately wait for his return in two years, this song is expected to be a great gift.

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