Yoo Se Yoon Mentions His Wife Who is 4 Years Older, on ‘Don’t Be the First One!’

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Yoo Se Yoon revealed the love story between him and his wife on Don’t Be the First One!.

Credit: JTBC

In an episode of JTBC’s Don’t Be the First One! aired on the 31st, comedian Yoo Se Yoon appeared as a guest of the show.

On this day, he made witty jokes next to Choi Yang Rak. As he continued to make jokes and talk non-stop, Choi Yang Rak asked whether he was also like this when meeting his wife. To this, Yoo Se Yoon replied that “that’s why she married me.”

He continued to explain to the question whether his wife responds well to his jokes, “Recently we’ve been filming funny videos and acted in front of the camera. My wife also comes up with the ideas.”

Credit: iMBC

He also said that it’s been 12 years since they’ve married, and with 6 years of dating, it’s a total of 18 years. “I used to call her Noona, but after confirming each other’s feelings I started calling her without the honorifics,” he confessed.


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