IU’s Pre-Released Song’ Celebrity’ Sweeps Music Charts

Credit: EDAM Entertainment

IU has swept the music charts with her new song “Celebrity.”

“Celebrity,” the pre-released song of IU’s upcoming 5th full-album, was released on Jan 27 at 6 pm KST, and by Jan 28 at 7 am KST, it has blasted into No.1 on Melon’s 24Hits. It has also landed atop on Bugs, Genie Music, Flo and Vive’s real-time charts.

This means that the song rose to the top of these music charts at once upon its release, beating out KyoungSeo’s “Shiny Star” and SMTM9’s “VVS (Mushvenom & Miran Lee).”

“Celebrity,” IU’s new song in about eight months since “eight,” is an electronic pop song with tropical house sound. It was composed by Ryan Jeon and his crew member Chloe Latimer, and IU joined hands to further enhance the quality of the song.

About the lyrics, IU explained that she wrote what she wanted to say to her “unusual friend,” who has been treated as an eccentric person because of her unique tastes, talents, defense mechanism and personality. “As I was working on it, I realized that it was also my story, and after completing the lyrics, I thought that it was not unnatural at all to substitute not only my friend or me but everyone else as the main character (of the lyrics). I want to tell my friend and all those who were born uniquely that you’re not eccentric but a star.”

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