Lee Sang Soon Updates About the Couple’s Pet and Possible Pregnancy?

Credit: Instagram / @sangsoonsangsoon

Singer Lee Sang Soon has brought news on behalf of his wife, Lee Hyo Ri. As he posted photos on his Instagram on Monday, Lee Sang Soon shared what the couple has been up to.

Credit: Instagram / @sangsoonsangsoon

One of the photos showed the couple’s dog, as fans curiously commented “Who are you?” Other fans also made predictions saying, “It looks like Gosil,” “That’s not Seoksam,” “Is this Guana?”

Though the opinions on the dog’s name were divided, they were all praising its looks. As the dog’s eyes were busily moving from side to side, people also speculated that it was following Lee Hyo Ri with its eyes.

As Lee Hyo Ri announced to stop her online activities, Lee Sang Soon has become her channel of communication. He regularly uploads photos of the dog, or daily life, as he satisfies fans’ curiosity.

Credit: MBC

Meanwhile, Lee Hyo Ri made a presence as she appeared as SSAK3 and REFUND SISTERS on Hangout with Yoo. Previously, she said she was preparing to get pregnant, and drew attention as she said “Let’s meet in five years.” However, her agency explained that this was in fact only a joke for the fans and that she is not pregnant.”



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