Comedian Kang Yu Mi’s Virtual Idol Content Puts the Spotlight on VERIVERY’s Kangmin

Credit: Kang Yu Mi YouTube

Idol Kangmin, a fictional character created by comedian Kang Yu Mi became a hot topic.

On Jan 21, Kang Yu Mi posted a video on her YouTube channel, “[ASMR]VIDEOCALL with KANGMIN’s Video Call Fan Sign Review.” In the video, Kang plays a double role as a fan and an idol named Kangmin. For this new virtual content, the fan and the idol is having an untact fan signing event, which became a new method with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout the event, Kangmin continues his “insincere” attitude, constantly repeating the word, “Oh, really?” In the second half of the video, he is focused on his phone instead of the fan, and considering that the video call lasted for only 5 minutes, it was a careless fan service.

However, after the call ended, Kangmin’s fan pointed out his attitude but still defended him, saying, “But I still love him. Love his ‘bad boy’ charm.”

Soon after the video was released, many netizens, even the K-pop fans, enthusiastically responded to the video, commenting, “This was spot on,” “I’m laughing so hard,” or “This is the definition of hyperrealism.”

Credit: Sedaily

But after the video went viral on online communities, some started to point out that this video damaged VERIVERY’s Kangmin’s reputation. Saying that this video appears after searching VERIVERY’s Kangmin, some fans started to accuse the comedian of damaging their idol’s image.

Now, the title of the video has been modified to “[ASMR]VIDEOCALL with Video Call Fan Sign Review,” and the idol’s name has also been changed from Kangmin to Ganggangsulae.

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