APINK’s Bomi Participates in the ‘One Week Challenge’

APINK’s Bomi has challenged herself to do the “One Week Challenge.” On the 22nd, a video named ‘One Week Challenge, Vlog” has been uploaded to the YouTube Channel ‘Bbom Bbom Bbom.’

In the video, Bomi updated fans with what she’s been doing, saying that she had recently started the ‘One Week Challenge.’ “I gained 6 kgs because I couldn’t go to the gym because of the COVID-19 situation. As I gained weight at home, I started to get depressed and could not sleep,” she said.

Bomi said that Gong Min Jung told her about the challenge and that it changes one’s body and mind. Bomi thanked the actress for finally making her get to her senses, as she started the challenge.

She revealed the self-made 24-hour plan. “I’ve made a plan for the day, but there are some things I fail to do. So I crossed out the things I failed, and colored in the ones I achieved.”

“I usually think to myself that the whole day has failed and that I should start new tomorrow, whenever I fail to do one thing. But Min Jung told me that going on an early morning walk could also be an achievement. She told me not to be too stuck on the idea that I necessarily have to achieve something,” she commented.

Credit: OSEN

Bomi set her goals to fix her sleeping hours, eat healthily, and read instead of being on the phone. In the continued video, she showed herself reading a book while listening to the calming sound of firewood cracklings. She also walked her dog and went hiking with Gong Min Jung.

After the ‘One Week Challenge,’ Bomi expressed that she did not waste her time while doing the challenge. “I lost 2kgs thanks to the healthy food I ate, had fun while cooking, and feel healthy as my depressive moods are gone since I slept and woke up early. While I find it difficult to concentrate while reading, I read 2 books in a week,” she explained.

As she ended the video, Bomi told the viewers, “I hope everyone leads a healthy life like me with the ‘One Week Challenge’.”


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