“A Face-Off Between the Solo Queens” The Spotlight is on IU, Chungha, and Hyuna

Established and skilled solo artists IU, Hyuna, and Chungha are to return to their activities one after another. The three are expected to revitalize the K-Pop scene which is mainly filled with idol groups, as they show off their unique concepts including but not limited to, ballad, dance, and sexy.

Credit: EDAM Entertainment


The one gaining the most attention is IU. After the 4th album Palette in 2017, she is releasing a new full-length album in about 4 years. One of the b-tracks, “Celebrity,” will be pre-released on the 27th. According to EDAM Entertainment on the 20th, the new song has a cheerful pop sound which IU attempts for the first time. The movie-like concept teaser also catches the eyes after being released on the 22nd. The curiosity for the new song has been stirred as the story is about a “celebrity who lives a sophisticated life, who coincidentally runs into a woman with the same face as hers while running away.” The upcoming music video was produced by VM project, a producer known for its use of unique color schemes and charming cinematography. This is their second time working with IU after “BBIBBI” from 2018.


Chungha, who had postponed her album release due to a confirmed case of COVID-19 last year, is also coming back. She will unveil her first full-length album Querencia on the 15th of February. After hit tracks “Rollercoaster” and “Gotta Go,” Chungha is to yet again demonstrate her title as a dancing queen. Querencia is packed with 21 tracks that demonstrate Chungha’s musical range, including the title song “Bicycle.” As the album hints at a more vibrant musical attempt than ever, expectations are rising. She pre-released the single “X” back on the 19th.


Credit: P NATION

Hyuna is also worth looking forward to. She is coming back in a year and two months with a 7th mini-album I’m Not Cool on the 28th. Through official SNS channels, Hyuna has revealed the track-list of 5 songs including the title song “I’m Not Cool”, “GOOD GIRL”, “Show Window”, “Party, Feel, Love (Feat. DAWN)”, and “FLOWER SHOWER”. “I’m Not Cool” is produced by P NATION’s chief Psy, as it embodies the frank emotions of Hyuna who cries out that she is “actually not cool” despite her coolness on stage. Hyuna, DAWN, and Psy participated in writing the song to make it complete. Hyuna also wrote her b-track “GOOD GIRL,” expressing what ‘being Hyuna’ is like. Her closest musical colleague and partner DAWN also wrote and featured in “Party, Feel, Love (Feat. DAWN)” as he went all out in supporting her.


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