“He was surveillancing me” Lee Jong Suk Talks About the Creepy Civilian He Met While Doing His Alternative Service

Credit: Esquire

Lee Jong Suk opened up about a creepy civilian he met when he served as an alternative service agent‏.

On Jan 20, men’s fashion lifestyle magazine Esquire released Lee Jong Suk’s pictorial and interview.

Lee Jong Suk talked about an unusual civilian he met during his alternative service at a community welfare center. He shared, “In the early days of my service, a civil petitioner recognized me and always sat in the civil service room until I left work. It was like he was watching me to check if I did my job properly.”

Credit: Esquire

When the interviewer asked him, “Probably, he just recognized you and wanted to see your face?” Lee replied, “No. It was more of a surveillance. You know, to see if I go to work or if I do my job properly. He felt like a night watchman in a society who monitors celebrities doing their military service. So I worked my ass off.”

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk started his alternative service (a form of national service performed in lieu of military conscription for various reasons, such as conscientious objection, inadequate health, or political reasons) after finishing his last drama, Romance is a Bonus Book and was discharged earlier this month.

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