Who Will it Be for ‘True Beauty’: Cha Eun Woo or Hwang In Yeop?

Credit: tvN

Can’t the characters of True Beauty just all live �together? Cha Eun Woo and Hwang In Yeop from tvN’s True Beauty are making hearts flutter as they create intense competition between #TeamSuHo and #TeamSeoJun.

Credit: tvN

“The two towers of Saebom High,” Su Ho and Seo Jun are receiving massive attention, as each show off their charms since realizing their feelings for Ju Kyung.

While Su Ho’s chic charms were demonstrated at the beginning of the show with cold eyes and indifferent facial expressions, he completely changed to a warm-hearted and kind man throughout. Su Ho especially becomes more affectionate when it comes to Ju Kyung, as he cannot take his eyes off her face. Furthermore, as he took care of Ju Kyung when she was sick, Su Ho has risen as an ideal boyfriend material who only opens up to his girlfriend.

Credit: tvN

Furthermore, he restores Ju Kyung’s self-esteem as he sincerely tells her that she is pretty even without makeup. Su Ho’s words are something more than a mere romantic act; they rebuild Ju Kyung’s low self-esteem.

On the other hand, Seo Jun is captivating viewers with his thrilling twist. At the beginning of the drama, he was presented as a tough guy who rides the motorcycle with cynical styles. However, Seo Jun drew laughter later in the show with his clumsiness, and sympathy as his sick mother and sibling were revealed.

Above all, Seo Jun is that subplot character who caused viewers to fall in love with his pure affection toward Ju Kyung. Even after learning that Ju Kyung and Su Ho are dating, he did not stop showing his bold personality. Whilst advising Ju Kyung about her relationship, he tells her, “Don’t worry. Lee Su Ho is not the type of guy to make you worry.” As he comforts her and hides his own feelings, Seo Jun creates heartaches amongst viewers.

Credit: tvN

As so, Su Ho and Seo Jun are both bringing intense romance to the small screens. Expectations are heightened on how Su Ho and Seo Jun will continue to steal viewers’ hearts moving forward.


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