U-Know Yunho Claims DinDin to be the Best Person to Meet in His Career?

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U-Know Yunho claimed that DinDin is the ‘best friend’ he has ever met in his career, on an episode of JTBC’s Knowing Bros (also known as Men on a Mission).

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Yunho and DinDin, known for their friendship even within the industry, will be appearing on an episode of Knowing Bros which will be aired in the afternoon of the 16th.

The cast did not hide their joy at the appearance of the two, who have a deep connection with the show through its spin-off segment, Knowing Bros: After School Activities. DinDin particularly embarrassed Kim Hee Chul and Min Kyung Hoon as he expressed how hard it was to be the producer of their new song, “Hanryang.”

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Yunho and DinDin demonstrated their close friendship on the show. DinDin, who previously said on various media platforms that he respects Yunho, showed his fan-like side throughout the shoot as he restlessly assisted Yunho.

U-Know Yunho also praised DinDin, saying that he is the ‘best friend’ he has ever met out in society. Soon, DinDin emphasized their two-way friendship as he looked touched. In response, Knowing Bros members asked Yunho, “Who will you save first if your friends, including DinDin, fell into the sea at the same time?” The thing that DinDin desperately shouted shook the entire set.

Credit: SM Entertainment

It will be available to check out what DinDin said at 9 p.m. KST on the 16th.


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