“The Most Touching Moment” Choi Bool Am and ‘Korean Food Table’ Celebrates the 10th Anniversary

Credit: KBS

10 years is a long time. KBS1’s representative long-running program Korean Food Table celebrates its 10th anniversary of introducing hidden stories, history, culture, and meals of Koreans.

Credit: KBS

As Korea’s first food documentary, Korean Food Table has been consistently running for 10 years. Hence, it plans to greet its viewers with special episodes for four weeks, since the 7th of this month. Actor Kim Min Ja, the wife of Choi Bool Am, and actress Kim Hye Soo appeared on the show on the 14th, as they made headlines with a whopping 10% of viewership rating (based on Nielsen Korea).

YTN star had an interview with producer Jung Ki Yoon of Korean Food Table to talk about various things related to the program. The producer thanked viewers before anything. He said, “I think the reason why yesterday’s ratings came out so well is that the viewers’ sympathized with us. However, I think it is delightful that our intentions were conveyed, and the production crew were able to connect with the viewers.”

How did Choi Bool Am feel after finishing his 10th-anniversary episode?

Producer Jung says, “Choi Bool Am dubs, and films, so he knows everything about the episodes. Nevertheless, he watches them in real-time. After this episode, I texted him as I thanked him for doing such a great program with me. In response, he said that it’s the most heartfelt thing that his 10 years could be celebrated in such a way.”

What is the secret behind the stable popularity as Korea’s main long-running program?

Jung Ki Yoon claims that the basis of an educational documentary program is its sincerity toward viewers. “I think the hidden power of the program is that the viewers understood that Choi Bool Am and the production team shared the passion to present a certain genuineness. This is a value that we have to keep till the end,” he stressed.

Credit: KBS

At the end of the interview, the producer also said that Korean Food Table is not merely an eating show, but a human documentary and a program which aims to heal through food.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Korean Food Table airs every Thursday at 7.40 p.m. KST.


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