Hyoyeon Personally Refutes Kim Sang Kyo’s Claims that Links Her to the “Burning Sun Scandal”

Credit: SM Entertainment
Credit: SM Entertainment

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon directly refuted what Kim Sang Kyo, the first informant of the “Burning Sun Gate,” alleged.

After Kim Sang Kyo demanded Hyoyeon to “fess up” about what she saw in the club on the night of the incident, attention focused on Hyoyeon amid various speculations. In response, Hyoyeon personally stepped up to refute his claims via her Instagram.

“Come on~ Everyone, calm down~! You think I’ve been staying silent because I haven’t been active, but I’ve been working hard. I said hello to many people, had a few drinks with my friends and staff who came to congratulate me on my show, had pork belly with them, and went home!

I think I saw some men and women drooling on each other, trying to hook up in the club, but I never saw or heard any actors, actresses, cats, or dogs. I’m just gonna endure you keyboard warriors until today. I’m going to punish you hard this time. Also! I’ll delete this tomorrow, but not because I’m scared. If you don’t speak up, people think you’re a pushover. So! Happy New Year, everyone. Have a long and healthy life.”

Netizens showed deep satisfaction over her shart comments, saying, “I love her response! She definitely is NOT a pushover” or “Hyoyeon is not gonna let herself get dragged in this mess.”

Credit: Hyoyeon Instagram

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