IZ*ONE’s Kim Minju’s Malicious Commenter Supposedly Passed Civil Service Exam, Police Begins Investigation

Credit: OSEN

Police have launched an investigation after a malicious commenter who has sexually harassed underage girl group members for years was reportedly hired as a public official of class IX.

The police started an official investigation after URBANWORKS sued six malicious commenters for defaming IZ*ONE’s Kim Minju on Jan 11. At the time, the agency shared, “We have identified a number of malicious postings that defame and insult their artists. We have conducted legal proceedings against six people who continuously left over-the-line comments.”

Afterward, it was reported that one of these 6 haters passed the civil service exam as a public official of class IX at the end of last year.

On Dec 31 last year, a petition titled “Reporting a child sexual harasser who passed the civil service exam in Daejeon” was posted on the national petition and 35,496 people participated in the petition.


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