Kim Se Jeong Clears All Rumors Regarding EXO’s Sehun, Saying “We’re close, but I’ve never contacted him personally”

Credit: Se Jeong Instagram Live

Kim Se Jeong drew a clear line on suspicion of her dating EXO’s Sehun, stressing that she has never contacted him personally.

On Jan 11, Kim Se Jeong hosted her Instagram live streaming and had time to communicate with her fans. Talking about various things, including her hit drama The Uncanny Counter, she cautiously added, “I didn’t know if I should say this and I pondered over it a lot, but fans, please don’t worry.”

“Yes, I admit we are close and have good chemistry, but I’ve never contacted him personally, and all we did was have fun filming Busted. So please, don’t worry,” she continued. “More messages and comments than I thought were written, and some of them wrote things on my parent’s Instagram account. I thought a lot about whether I should say this or not, but I hope you stop sending bad words.”

Credit: Se Jeong Instagram

This is believed to be a statement about rumors surfacing about her and her Busted castmate Sehun. Se Jeong and Sehun starred in the Netflix show Busted series since 2018 and received great interest for their chemistry. But since the time Se Jeong posted a selfie of her and Sehun in the waiting room of a music show, some fans have started leaving malicious messages telling her to stop “seducing” Sehun.

Netizens are speculating that Se Jeong carefully brought the issue up, wary of suspicions and overinterpretation, as Busted 3 has confirmed its release on the 22nd.

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