VICTON’s First Full-Length Album is both “Tender and Fierce”

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VICTON is releasing their first full-length album in four years. As the group postponed the planned comeback once in December due to the COVID-19 situation, they rearranged and finalized the release in January to begin full-fledged comeback activities in about nine months. The first full-length album, VOICE : The future is now portrays a universe with a total of 13 songs from “Into The Mirror” to “We Stay,” in which members participated in forms of song production in hands with other talented producers.

VICTON has expressed their feelings about the comeback through their agency.

Q1. How does it feel to make a comeback in about 9 months?

Seung Sik: Though there were concerns for the delay of the comeback due to COVID-19, thanks to our fans’ support we were able to cheer up and once again brace ourselves.

Han Se: I think it’s a good start to make a comeback from the beginning of a new year, 2021.

Q2. This is your first full-length album in 4 years after debut.

Han Se: We’ve been improving our skills and broadening our musical spectrum as we released various types of albums. It is an album we are confident about as we’re presenting VICTON’s improvement in 13 songs.

Q3. Please introduce your album, VOICE : The future is now

Seung Sik: The name of the album depicts how VICTON is currently living in a reality which ‘we used to want and dream of.’ It is an album inspired by VICTON’s past and present. With a more intense aura than before, you’ll be able to feel something new.

Q4. What kind of song is “What I Said”?

Seung Woo: It means that ‘a dream-like reality has finally started,’ and it is a Latin pop dance song which marks ‘the beginning of VICTON’s second act.’ It has a really strong and unique concept that is different from previous tracks, and we especially emphasized our performance.

Q5. What’s the difference from your previous performance? Any points we should particularly focus on?

Seung Sik: If our performances were lyrical and emotional so far, this time it’s more cheerful, yet not lighter. The serious performance and our facial expressions should be what you should watch out for.

Q6. It’s been told that solo songs of four members were included.

Seung Sik: “Carry on” contains words of consolation that the members wanted to tell me as I am the leader of the group.

Chan: “Eyes on you” has been initially revealed in a concert, and its performance is impressive.

Se Jun: “Utopia” holds a lot of meaning in its title. I’ve been inspired by the theme of ‘Liberty,’ and listeners are welcome to interpret it however they want.

Han Se: “Where is Love?” is about the things anyone living in the modern world, in difficult times, have experienced. The lyrics are something you can easily sympathize with.

Q7. Any other tracks in the album that you would like to suggest, apart from the solos and the title song?

Se Jun: “Flip A Coin” feels quite liberating, and it makes me realizes that I’m enjoying myself while I dance.

Su Bin: I’m most attached to “We Stay.” It’s a song written by Seungsik and myself, and we wrote it thinking about our fans.


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