Son Ho Jun Unveils His Directorial Debut Short Film on His YouTube

Credit: YG Entertainment

Son Ho Jun has unveiled his first short film A Wild Apricot (literal title) on his personal YouTube channel.

On Jan 10, Son Ho Jun posted A Wild Apricot, the first short film he planned and directed, on his YouTube channel.

A Wild Apricot is a short film about the inner mind of a man who lives an enviable life. Not only did Son Ho Jun direct the film himself based on the scenario he wrote, but he also played the main role and took part in all the production process, including casting and location scouting.

Son Ho Jun shared, “I didn’t start this with any big goals. I wanted to prepare a space and time to take a step closer to people. It wasn’t easy to express what I had planned in my head into a video, but I found the pleasure in the work. It may not be perfect as this is my first time, but I hope you enjoy it comfortably.”

Son Ho Jun, who will explore the new capability starting with A Wild Apricot, plans to unveil various YouTube content that will allow him to communicate with his fans more friendly.

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