DJ SODA Hospitalized due to an Accident Caused by Heavy Snow

Credit: Highline Entertainment

DJ SODA has been hospitalized after a traffic accident in the heavy snow.

Credit: Instagram / @deejaysoda

She wrote on her Instagram on the 9th, “I was hospitalized because of a traffic accident caused by the sudden snowstorm. I will be back after being treated. Please be careful and stay safe everyone.”

With this, she posted a photo of herself in the hospital. In the photo is DJ SODA, who is wearing a mask and a patient gown, who seems to have not been too seriously injured. DJ SODA added on Twitter that she was sorry for making everyone so worried about the sudden car accident. “I am so sorry. I decided to go to the hospital for the treatment. Fortunately, I am not heavily injured.”

Credit: Highline Entertainment

Meanwhile, DJ SODA topped the list of Top 100 DJs in Asia in 2020, released by the platform made for female DJs, DJANETOP.


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  • Soda your music rocks You always be my prayers and when I am depressed I Always rock to music and it builds me up in my prayers honey get well and God-bless Love your biggest fan cozette Elizabeth

  • Soda I found out how you got your name it’s so cool keep rocking girl and get well God-bless your fan cosette Elizabeth

  • It would be the bomb if you could perform at Norwalk Connecticut seaports oyster festival this coming September was born and raised here in Norwalk Connecticut get well t God bless I am transgender and cosette Elizabeth is my new name I ask for your prayers as well ❤

  • Please be sure to keep us posted on your progress as I said you are in our prayers Cozette Elizabeth

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