Lee Min Ki and Kim Ji Won to Reunite in ‘My Mister’ Screenwriter Park Hye Young’s New Drama

Credit: MK Sports, King Kong by Starship
Credit: MK Sports, King Kong by Starship

Lee Min Ki and Kim Ji Won will be reuniting in screenwriter Park Hye Young‘s new drama.

According to SPOTVNEWS, Lee Min Ki and Kim Ji Won have recently confirmed their appearance in screenwriter Park Hye Young’s new drama. This new project will be helmed by director Kim Seok Yoon and has been programmed in JTBC.

Lee Min Ki and Kim Ji Won previously worked together in the 2018 film Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead. Naturally, expectations for their reunion in the new drama are rising rapidly. Another point to note is that Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead was directed by director Kim Seok Yoon. As the director and the two main actors have already shown great teamwork together, attention to their joint project is high.

Also, this new drama is screenwriter Park’s comeback in 3 years since My Mister. As she is known for her realistic portrayal of real people in her works, like in Another Miss Oh and My Mister, the new story she will unfold will certainly be the hottest topic.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ki will star in a 4-part drama Oh! Master, set to premiere in March, and Kim Ji Won is currently showing heart-fluttering romance with Ji Chang Wook in Lovestruck in the City.

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  • Thanks for the good news of my favorite actor Lee Min Ki. I’ve been searching and searching from different sites about any info on him this year 2021. So glad to hear🥰👏👏👏💋🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🧚🏼‍♂️🧚

  • I’m a die hard fan of Lee Min Ki. My ultimate wish, that maybe someday he will be paired to Susie Bae(Bae Susie) in a drama romantic movie. I welcome all the leading ladies paired to him . All of them deserved admiration because of their talent,beauty .Lucky LMK, most of his leading ladies are pretty and have chemistry suited to his personality. Thanks for the good news and give us more articles, promos of their drama series👏👏👏👏🎎❤️🏆⭐️

  • I live in the U.S. and started to watch Lee Min-ki on Nexflix and Amazon. I wish I could see more of his movies. He is a handsome leading man and I am enamored over him. I would watch all of his movies if they were released in the U.S. He is a fantastic actor and I am a fan. Keep up the good work.

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