Sol Kyung Gu, Lee Ha Nee, Park So Dam and Park Hae Soo Cast in ‘Believer’ Director Lee Hae Young’s New Film

Believer director Lee Hae Young‘s new film Ghost (literal title) has cast Sol Kyung Gu, Lee Ha Nee, Park So Dam and Park Hae Soo for the main roles and started filming on Jan 4.

Set in 1933 during the Japanese colonization, Ghost is an action-espionage film that revolves around the five suspects who are under suspicion of being the mysterious “ghost,” a spy for the anti-Japanese resistance group. Trapped inside an isolated hotel to be interrogated, they will struggle to escape while suspecting and doubting each other.

Director Lee Hae Young, who has consistently presented original characters since his debut film Like A Virgin, will uniquely portray the five characters suspected of being a spy and the Japanese guards who need to separate out the real spy.

Credit: CJ ENM

Sol Kyung Gu plays Japanese police officer Murayama Junji. He was once a former Japanese soldier who used to work for Japan’s intelligence agency but has since been demoted to surveilling communications for Korea’s Japanese colonial government.

Lee Ha Nee will be starring as Park Cha Kyung, an employee of a communication department who is in charge of recording ciphers, while Park So Dam takes on the role of Yuriko, who became the high-ranking official within the Japanese colonial government of Korea despite being Korean by rising to the position of powerful figure’s secretary.

Kim Dong Hee has been cast for the role of Baek Ho, who worked with Park Cha Kyung in the communication department, and Seo Hyun Woo plays Chun Kye Jang, a timid but sharp cryptographer who is exceptionally talented at decryption. Park Hae Soo will turn into Japanese agent Kaito, who carries out a sting operation to flush out the “ghost,” the spy who has infiltrated the colonial government.

Ghost will be produced by The Lamp, a production company that produced works like A Taxi Driver, MAL �MO �E: The Secret Mission and Samjin Company English Class.

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