UPDATE: The Faces of Shinsadong Tiger’s New Girl Group TRI.BE Unveiled


Credit: TR Entertainment, Universal Music

The profile pictures of all seven members of the rookie girl group TRI.BE have been released.

At midnight on Jan 6 KST, TR Entertainment unveiled the debut profile photos of JinHa, Hyunbin and Soeun on its social media.

Following Songsun, Kelly, Jia and Mire (released yesterday), JinHa, Hyunbin and Soeun catch the eyes with their colorful and free-spirited styling and unique visuals.

With this, all seven members of TRI.BE have been unveiled. Now, attention focuses on what kind of music TRI.BE, the next generation K-pop stars, will amuse music fans with.


Original Article:

Credit: TR Entertainment

TRI.BE, a new girl group co-produced by producer Shinsadong Tiger and Universal Music, has taken off its veil.

This rookie group’s agency TR Entertainment released the profile images of members Songsun, Kelly, Jia and Mire on Jan 5. The released pictures catch the eye with their vivid color outfits that give off various charms.

From Songsun, who shows off her cute visuals, to Kelly, who boasts her elegant charm, Jia, who rocks in the fancy styling, and Mire, who seems like the definition of pure, each four members leave a strong impression on the public. As the profile pictures of the four members have been revealed, expectations and interest in TRI.BE have increased, and curiosity toward other members who have not yet been unveiled is also growing.

Produced by leading K-pop producer Shinsadong Tiger and the world’s largest record label Universal Music, TRI.BE is known to consist of members who have versatile talents, visuals, and each a unique charm. They are currently gearing up for the official debut, scheduled for next month.

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