‘King of Masked Singer’ Mouse Revealed as Weki Meki’s Elly

Credit: Fantagio

The identity of King of Masked Singer‘s ‘Exhausted 2020 Mouse’ was Weki Meki’s Elly.

Credit: MBC

In the episode aired on the 28th, MBC’s King of Masked Singer presented the stages of 8 masked singers who challenge the king, Buttumak Cat. On this day, the first round of competition was between the Melancholic Mouse of 2020 and the Cheerful Cow of 2021 (literal translations). The two contestants chose Vibe’s “That Man, That Woman.”

While the Cheerful Cow presented the audience with a soft, low voice, the Melancholic Mouse created a gentle atmosphere with her clear and elegant voice.

The competition ended with 13 to 8, as the Cheerful Cow won and proceeded to the second round. As the Melancholic Mouse sang her solo, WINNER’s “Don’t Flirt,” she was unmasked to be Weki Meki’s Elly.

Credit: Fantagio

She revealed how nervous she was, saying how there weren’t a lot of opportunities for her to sing a whole song as she’s only expected to sing her parts. She also claimed that it was her first time to present a whole song, as she disclosed that her part was only 7 seconds long when she first debuted.

Meanwhile, The King of Masked Singer is aired every Sunday at 6.20 p.m. KST on MBC.


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