K-pop Artists that Receive the Most Royalties

“Trot King” Na Hoon-A has released more than 2,600 songs, and more than 800 songs are known to have been written and composed by him himself. When he filed for divorce in 2015, it was reported that the royalties he earns per year are about 400 million to 500 million KRW (about 362,990 to 453,730 USD).

Let’s check out the K-pop artists that receive the most royalties.


5. B.A.P’s Bang Yongguk

Credit: K-pop Radar

Although he didn’t see the light as a singer, he rose to the top as a producer. He holds copyrights to 125 songs, including all B.A.P;s songs except for just 7.



Credit: KOZ Entertainment

He is a member of the Korea Music Copyright Association, which only allows artists that collect a certain amount in copyright fees. He currently holds copyrights to 127 songs and is earning millions with royalties alone. Not only did he produce most of Block B’s songs and his solo songs, but he also worked on Psy’s “Luv it,” IU’s “marshmallow” and Sejeong’s “Flower Way.”


3. BTS’s RM

Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

It is said that 136 songs are copyrighted by BTS’s leader RM. From their mega-hit songs “Spring Day” and “Boy With Luv” to “DNA” to “IDOL,” he is said to have enough skills to be recognized by Bang Si Hyuk since he was young.


2. VIXX’s Ravi

Credit: Jellyfish Entertainment

Once, Kim Eana, one of Korea’s best lyricists, lavished Ravi’s writing and composing skills. Producing most of VIXX’s songs, he has the copyrights for 144 songs. It is rumored that his monthly royalty earning is around 10 million KRW (about 9,080 USD).


1. Big Bang’s G-Dragon

Credit: “Number G” Twitter

This K-pop icon and fashion icon ranks at No. 1. G-Dragon produced a total of 173 songs, including Big Bang’s mega-hit song “Lies.” The annual royalty fee he collects is around 1.4 billion KRW (about 1.3 million USD).


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