Jo Jung Suk Confirmed to Join ‘Masquerade’ Director’s New Movie

Credit: Jam Entertainment

Jo Jung Suk is confirmed to star in Choo Chang Min’s new movie, The Land of Happiness (working title).

Credit: Netflix

Jo Jung Suk, an actor who regularly hits new heights with his acting skills, has met Director Choo Chang Min with the movie The Land of Happiness. The new movie is about a lawyer who goes for broke to save a figure caught up in an incident that shook modern history.

After making an appearance on Exit, a movie that hit 9.4 million moviegoers in the Korean box office, and the drama Hospital Playlist, Jo Jung Suk chose The Land of Happiness �as his next film. He will be playing the role of lawyer Jung In Hoo in the movie.

The movie’s director, Choo Chang Min, previously warmed the hearts of 12.3 million viewers through the movie Masquerade. As a well-made movie that questions the true meaning of a leader in this era, Masquerade produced numerous iconic scenes and lines. Therefore, the collaboration of Choo Chang Min and Jo Jung Suk is already drawing attention from prospective audiences.

Credit: CJ E&M, Realies Pictures

As Jo Jung Suk confirms his starring in The Land of Happiness (working title), production companies Papa’s Film and OSCAR10STUDIO are going into pre-production with the plan to start filming in summer 2021.


Source: Netflix


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