Shin Se Kyung Donates Her YouTube Earnings for Girls from Low-Income Families

Credit: Namoo Actors

Shin Se Kyung shared her good deed once again.

Recently, Shin gave a helping hand to girls from low-income families by donating her YouTube earnings to NGO Good Neighbors. Her donation will provide sanitary products, mentoring services and economic support for the girls.

This is not the first time Shin has donated for girls from low-income families. She, who has continued to pay attention to the value of sharing, also donated her YouTube earnings last year. Shin also shared her good deed this year by participating in narration for a meaningful campaign.

Shin shared, “It’s been a difficult and challenging time this year, but I had a great year thanks to all your love. I hope that practical help will be delivered to the children who need support.”

Meanwhile, Shin Se Kyung is currently starring in the JTBC drama Run On.

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