Upcoming K-Drama: 3 Key Points to Look for in Netflix ‘Sweet Home’

Credit: Netflix

On December 18, Netflix will unveil its original series, Sweet Home. Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, it is a 10-part drama about a bizarre and shocking story that a loner high school student Hyun Soo experiences in an apartment where he moved after losing his family. Let’s take a look at why Sweet Home, which has been receiving explosive responses since the release of the trailer, is highly anticipated.


#Director Lee Eung Bok Challenges K-monster Project

Credit: Netflix

Lee Eung Bok, director of Mr. Sunshine, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (Goblin), Descendants of the Sun, has challenged a new genre that combines “creatures” with suspense. Sweet Home tells an intriguing setting and a thrilling story where the inherent desires turn humans into monsters. Director Lee humanely captures the tragic situation in which human beings become monsters in an isolated space, the psychological change of people watching it, and the residents’ dynamic struggle against monsters. “It was fun to portray the extreme desires that people have”: director Lee’s new attempt is expected to open a new horizon in the K-monster genre.


#Fresh Cast Lineup

Credit: Netflix

The eye-catching cast lineup for Green Home residents cannot be left out. Song Kang, who first came under the spotlight with Love Alarm, will present a new side of him as a loner high school student Hyun Soo. Lee Jin Wook will create tension as Pyeon Sang Wook, who makes residents of Green Home uncomfortable with his gangster-like style. Lee Si Young plays a newly-added character Seo Yi Kyung, a former firefighter from a special forces unit. On top of that, rookie actors such as Lee Do Hyun, Kim Nam Hee and Go Min Si, and veteran actors like Kim Kap Soo and Kim Sang Ho, joined the project, adding the colors to the play.


# Monsters’ Overwhelming Visuals

Credit: Netflix

Monsters burned through people’s desires were the most exciting element of the webtoon. Director Lee, who wanted to present monsters that show off their individualities, formed a dream team with the world’s best staff. The Avengers and Avatar‘s Legacy Effects and Strange Things‘s Spectral Motion came together for creature design, special effects and costumes.

Westworld, the nation’s top VFX studio, has breathed life into these creatures. The company introduced “Virtual Production” technology that allows staff to monitor real-time images to be created on the filming set for the first time in Korea, and elaborately completed the movement that’s right in the middle of actual actions and computer graphics.

The monster’s motion design was joined by the best choreographers from home and abroad. Choreographer Kim Seoljin not only got ideas from instinctive animal movements to complete the majority of the monster’s movements but also added realism by playing the lotus root monster himself. Troy James, who specializes in playing creatures such as Hellboy and Flash, played a spider monster.

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