Fans Send Protest Truck to Big Hit, Demanding Them to Stop “Exploiting” BTS

Credit: BTS Facebook

Some fans of the Korean K-pop group BTS are protesting against Big Hit Entertainment.

This morning, two protest trucks were parked in front of Big Hit Entertainment headquarters located in Seoul. This truck was sent by ARMY as a way of proving how serious they are about their demands.

Credit: The Qoo

Some of the statements written on the LED screen read, “Big Hit has gone crazy about stocks and lost their fundamentals” or “Plan to keep the independence of the label? Where did that independence label go?”

Their demands are branched into two separate issues – to stop the production of BTS drama Youth and to stop the New Year’s Eve Concert. However, the root of their demands is “to stop exploiting BTS for money.”

Credit: The Qoo
Credit: The Qoo

According to the official statement they released, there are four reasons why they are opposing the upcoming concert – Big Hit is using BTS and ARMY for the label’s success; this concert that will be conducted every year takes away the chance for ARMY to meet BTS; the exorbitant ticket price; and bonds among the newly joined artists are still lacking. In all, their position is that they are opposing the concert that was only planned for the profit of the label, not the group.

More fans are showing support for the organized protest with comments like “YES, ARMY and BTS are not your atm,” “the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases are through the roof in Korea, they should really cancel the concert,” and “I’m concerned for our babies’ health.”

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  • I agree. Also when Big Hit came out and said Jin would delay his enlistment so they could spend more time with him… That shouted ‘we need the money BTS bring in.’ Also why not have them all enlist at the same time?, (Yes 18mnths is a long time, but get it all done at once so no disruptions over the next 6 years) and lets face it, they wont be put in harms way… I guess they would lose to much money.

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