MBC Cancels 2021 New Year’s ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’

Credit: MBC

The 2021 Idol Star Athletics Championships has been canceled in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

An MBC official said on Dec 11, “The 2021 New Year’s Idol Star Athletics Championships decided to take a break as the COVID-19 situation is expected to be prolonged due to the rise in social-distancing level to 2.5 and the surge in the number of confirmed patients nationwide.”

First broadcast in 2010, Idol Star Athletics Championships features celebrities, mostly Korean pop idols and groups, competing in multi-sport events.

However, the production of Idol Star Athletics Championships has also been hampered by the spread of the new coronavirus. This year’s Chuseok special was held online, but the network decided to cancel the production of the 2021 New Year’s special.

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