‘The Uncanny Counter’ Is Showing Magical Rise in Viewer Ratings

Credit: OCN

It seems like OCN’s new webtoon-adapted drama The Uncanny Counter is captivating more and more viewers with its enthralling story.

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The Uncanny Counter revolves around the demon hunters called Counters who come to earth under the guise of being employees at a noodle restaurant in order to capture evil spirits. On Nov 28, the first episode was broadcast and recorded 2.702% viewership nationwide (based on Nielsen Korea).

And from the very first episode, the drama caught the eye with the actors’ passionate performances and satisfying plot. These satisfactions were shown clearly in ratings. The second episode garnered 4.350% ratings, and last weekend, the 3rd and 4th episodes each showed a steep rise to 5.329% and 6.724%.

In just four episodes, The Uncanny Counter blasted into No. 2 on OCN’s all-time viewership ranking. Now, the drama only has Voice 2 (7.1%) ahead of it to win the title of “OCN’s highest ratings.”

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