SBS Apologizes After a Staff Was Caught Saying Inappropriate Things in aespa Ningning’s Fan Cam

Credit: YouTube “SBS K-pop”

Amid controversy over the inappropriate remarks left by a staff in the fan cam video of aespa’s Ningning, SBS K-pop officially apologized.

SBS’s Youtube channel “SBS K-pop” apologized, “In the process of filming fan cam, a conversation of staff, which had nothing to do with the stage, was recorded. We didn’t carefully check the sound before uploading the video and that was clearly our YouTube staff’s mistake. We apologize to those who felt uncomfortable about this. We will try to be more careful in the future.”

Earlier on Dec 1, Ningning’s fan cam for “Black Mamba” was posted on YouTube. This video was shoot when aespa appeared in Inkigayo on Nov 29. But less than 10 seconds into the video, a man believed to be a staff member says, “F***, this doesn’t fit at all.” After the video was released, fans showed discomforts.

Now, the problematic part has been revised.

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  • I still do not like to hear the F word. I especially don’t like it in a movie when it is used in almost every sentence. However, this was just once and he sounds upset about something. I tried to stop my son from saying it, but he responded that everyone uses it today. I tend to tune him out when he uses it, so that is probably why he is always saying that he told me something that I don’t remember him saying it. My daughter used to say “you know” in almost every sentence. I stopped her by answering “No, I don’t” every time she said it. She doesn’t use it anymore.

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