[PICK] 7 Best Korean Movies with Outstanding Teamwork

Edited by Hong Hyun Jung
Translated by Kim Hoyeun

Collectors, released on Dec 4, is a caper film featuring team play of unique characters centered around a genius thief. Though some point out that the film unraveled interesting materials in such obvious ways, it certainly played its role as a time-killing film to watch lightly amid the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are looking for movies to kill time with, maybe you can refer to this list of movies that present you with thrilling pleasure and outstanding teamwork.


Fabricated City

Credit: CJ Entertainment

The movie conveys a thrilling revenge fantasy with fresh visuals and comical imagination. When Kwon Yoo, an unemployed man in the real-life but the best leader inside the virtual game world, is framed for murder, he teams up with his gaming teammates, the only people who believed him, to dig up the truth. Ji Chang Wook becomes a penniless unemployed man who loses everything overnight, and Shim Eun Kyung and Ahn Jae Hong turn into his teammates, who keep dropping the ball, completing a pleasant chemistry.


The Swindlers

Credit: Showbox

The story is about veteran crooks joining hands with a prosecutor to track down the legendary con-artist. Hyun Bin, who plays the role of an intelligent swindler who only cons other swindlers, breaks away from his just and model boy images and gives off a sly charm. Yoo Ji Tae plays an ambitious prosecutor that juggles between good and evil, while Nana, Bae Seong Woo and Ahn Se Ha perfect the jolly teamplay. Park Sung Woong, who appears as their target, also provides unexpected laughter.


One Line

Credit: Next Entertainment World

This movie revolves around “mortgage fraud (fraud of obtaining loans by manipulating credit checks and income).” After an ordinary college student meets a legendary swindler and enters the world of mortgage fraud, he quickly becomes the “rising star” in the industry. Im Si Wan plays Min Jae, a rookie swindler who captivates people with his innocent smile and fancy eloquence, Jin Goo is a veteran swindler Seok Goo, Park Byung Eun takes the role of cold-blooded Park, Lee Dong Hwi turns into the master of counterfeit Song, and Kim Sun Young plays the queen of personal information Hong. These four characters draw an exciting picture of the cunning world of mortgage fraud.


The Con Artists

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

This movie starts and ends with Kim Woo Bin. When the best team that consists of a hacker, a safe-cracker and a counterfeiter gets involved in a dangerous plot planned by the criminal mastermind, they will have to break away from his claw. Kim Woo Bin is the team leader who designs the perfect operation once the target is chosen, Ko Chang Seok has the industry’s best connections, and Lee Hyun Woo turns into the youngest hacker. The three team up to showcase a risky business against President Jo and Incheon Customs. Although the film is just full of cliches, Kim Woo Bin portrays an all-rounded character with youthful energy, delightfully completing the film.


Cold Eyes

credit: Next Entertainment World

The movie focuses on the confrontation between the criminals and the elite Korean police surveillance unit. It suspensefully follows the surveillance unit that only uses their eyes and memories tracking down an ace gang of robbers led by James. Sol Kyung Gu turns into the charismatic and experienced leader of the surveillance unit, Han Hyo Joo plays a rookie agent with keen observation skills and excellent memory, while Lee Junho, Jin Kyeong and Lee Dong Hwi add to the vitality of the unit. Jung Woo Sung, who appears as a villain, shows off his cold presence. It’s based on the 2007 Hong Kong film Eye in the Sky.


The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos

Credit: CJ Entertainment

It’s a film version of OCN’s hit drama Bad Guys. Kim Sang Joong and Ma Dong Seok appeared as the original characters and received enthusiastic responses from drama fans. Just like the drama’s central setting of “bad guys catching other bad guys,” these bad guys team up once again when dangerous high-profile prisoners escape during transportation. Kim Ah Joong and Jang Ki Yong newly join the team as a crook and former detective, and the movie delivers bigger actions and enhanced humor.


The Big Swindle

Credit: Showbox

It’s the first movie that comes to mind when it comes to delightful caper films. It captures the story of what happens when the fraudsters’ grand robbery plan against the Bank of Korea goes south with meticulous script and speedy development. Park Shin Yang, who plays the center figure of the group, Baek Yoon Shik, who takes the role of the godfather who the fraudsters are after, and Yum Jung Ah, who plays a femme fatale swindler who is also after his fortune, center the plot, while Lee Moon Sik, Park Won Sang, Kim Sang Ho, Cheon Ho Jin, Kim Yun Seok and Lim Ha Ryong enliven the film by playing con-artists and detectives.

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