Though Gugudan May Not Be Returning, Sejeong and Sally Are Still Full of Love

Credit: Gugudan Facebook
Credit: Gugudan Facebook

Sejeong left words of consolation to Sally.

On Dec 3, Gugudan’s Sally wrote, “If time can go back to 6 years ago, I wouldn’t let myself regret……” on her Instagram. Seeing this, Sejeong left a supporting comment, saying, “Let’s believe that you are here because of what you went through. We have stayed the course. Thank you, Sally.” Sally thanked her, “You hang in there too. I love you.”

Back in June, Sally said in an interview with Chinese media, “The agency told us to empty the house. We asked then when we can return, but they said, ‘We won’t call you ever again.’”

Credit: Sally Instagram
Credit: Sally Instagram

According to her, Jellyfish Entertainment notified Gugudan members to leave the dorm immediately and emptied the house. Members tried to stand firm but were left with no other choice.

Gugudan has never worked as a group since their last comeback in Nov 2018. Netizens are saying that Sally’s interview and her recent post are lending weight to the group’s disbandment.

Meanwhile, Sally appeared on the Chinese audition program Chuang 2020 and debuted as a member of BonBon Girls 303. Sejeong recently returned to the small screen with The Uncanny Counter.

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