BTS’s Jin Drops Solo Song ‘Abyss’ for His Birthday and Confesses that He Recently Suffered from Burnout

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BTS’s Jin unveiled his solo song “Abyss” to mark his birthday (Dec 4) and confessed that he had recently suffered from burnout syndrome.

Jin’s new song “Abyss,” which literally means a very deep hole that seems to have no bottom, candidly expresses his feelings after landing at No.1 on Billboard Hot 100. Lyrics like “I don’t hear any sounds and I’m only walking in circles” and “And it feels like you are getting even further away from me/ Maybe you are walking into a deeper ocean?” clearly shows how Jin felt.

Then on his birthday, Jin left a heartfelt message on the official blog.

“Hello, this is Jin.

Not long ago, I said this at a press conference.

‘I don’t want to share my sad feelings with my fans cause I just want to show happy things. But when it comes to music, the story is different. Even if I don’t share my feelings through my actions, I can show them through music.’

I recently suffered a burnout, and I think that’s because I had too many thoughts about myself.

We landed at No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100, and so many people congratulated us, but am I worthy enough to receive this?

There are people who love music more and are better at it, but is it okay for me to receive all the joy and congratulations? These thoughts hit me hard, and now that I look deeper, I think I just wanted to give it all up because of my troubled heart.

I received counselings for this, and one day, I was talking with producer Bang and he told me to write a song about these feelings.

But I wasn’t confident and worried about the result, and I told him we are already in a position where we can’t fail. Hearing this, producer Bang told me that things like that aren’t important and that he would find the right person for me if I choose to do it.

Like that, I met composer Kye Beom Ju (Bumzu) and talked with him about my emotions and many other things as well.

He’s such a positive person. He told me that he wanted to help me and breathed his positive energy into me, saying, ‘Let’s write about all your worries. If this doesn’t work, then we can just start over again.’

After talking about many things, he helped me create a track that candidly shows how I feel, and I wrote what I really wanted to say, and like that, Abyss was completed. I would like to thank Bumzu once again.

It’s kind of a gloomy song that might not suit the birthday mood, but if it’s not my birthday, I won’t be able to release it. So here we are with Abyss. ARMYs, it might not be perfect, but please listen to it.

ps. Shout out to our leader who wrote the lyrics for the chorus.”

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