Upcoming K-Drama: Character Guide to Webtoon-Adapted Drama ‘True Beauty’

True Beauty, tvN’s last romantic comedy for this year, will warm the viewers’ cold winter with heart-fluttering moments.

True Beauty, scheduled to premiere on Dec 9, is about Joo Kyung, who became a “goddess” through “makeup” and Su Ho, who harbors a few dark secrets from his past, sharing each other’s pains and growing up. The drama is based on the webtoon of the same name and will be directed by Extraordinary You director Kim Sang Hyup. Moon Ga Young, Cha Eun Woo and Hwang In Yeob have been cast to play the lead roles, raising much anticipation with their high “synchro rate.”


Moon Ga Young – Lim Joo Gyung

Credit: tvN

She wears large glasses, black stockings and white socks. She always neatly ties up her hair and puts on an oversized uniform. Because of her ugly face and far-from-ordinary fashion taste, he is living a miserable school life. Then one day, her father is swindled out of his house and her family moves to a different place. With this, she is given one last chance to break away from the hellish school days. After practicing her makeup skills day and night, she enters her new school with a whole new look and seems to walk a flowery path. But from the first day of the transfer, Lee Su Ho, who seems to have no mercy, catches her without her makeup.


Cha Eun Woo – Lee Su Ho

Credit: tvN

He has it all – gorgeous appearance, smart brain and great athlete abilities. He is the hottest topic, but he himself is an “ice prince” who doesn’t give a damn about anything. His top star father was always busy and his mother passed away when he was young from cancer. Then a year ago, Se Yeon, the only friend he shared his heart with, died. Then one day, a girl rushes into his dry life. Joo Gyung clings onto him to keep her secret and that’s just absurd and strange, but the words she says warms his heart and his heart starts to beat again.


Hwang In Yeop – Han Seo Jun

Credit: tvN

Because of his macho appearance, rumors abound that he is associated with gangsters or that he “crushed” the nearby school. But the truth is that he is a warm son and kind brother who takes care of his ill mother and cares deeply for his younger sister. A year ago when Se Yeon died, he cut ties with Su Ho. Returning to school after taking three months off, he sees Su Ho, who barely laughed, smiling and doing unthinkable things in front og Joo Gyung. So he approaches Joo Gyung out of curiosity, but he misses her and wants to play with her, and like that he falls for her.


Park Yoo Na – Kang Soo Jin

Credit: tvN

She looks great even without makeup on and is the only female friend of Lee Su Ho. To her, Su Ho is sometimes a rival and sometimes a love interest. Naturally, her relationship with him is more complicated and subtle than a friendship. Her overbearing family always troubled her, and she became friends with Soo Ah because she wanted a break from her tangled thoughts, and naturally, she got close to Joo Gyung. However, looking at Su Ho having his eyes on Joo Gyung, she feels things she can’t really explain.

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