Wanna One’s Lai Kuanlin Is Still on the Chopping Board: Alleged Staff Exposes His Lies and Misdeeds


Controversies over Lai Kuanlin are quickly getting out of hand. Two days ago, he was put on the chopping board when he was spotted smoking and spitting in public. Then yesterday, a dating rumor surfaced, and the artist had to apologize again. And today, a series of disclosures against Lai Kuanlin written by a netizen was found, even stirring up the bigger controversy.

The netizen A, believed to be Lai Kuaulin’s staff, was said to have written a series of revelations about the artist from February to Nov 25. All of the posts have been deleted when they were put under the spotlight.

Regarding Lai Kuaulin’s lawsuit to terminate his contract with Cube Entertainment, netizen A revealed that “what he’s claiming are all lies.” A wrote, “When he said that he was deceived by the Koreans, he was certainly the ‘god of acting.’ All his claims about ‘unfair contract’ or ‘being deceived into a contract’ are all lies.”

A continued, “Then he would write things like ‘The whole world should be sorry to me.’ The most pitiful person here is the lawyer. He only found out the truth after several trials.”

Credit: Weibo, Wikitree

He even exposed Lai Kuanlin’s problematic private life. “Working in this industry, he’s the first one who I came to hate so much. He would say ‘I’d like to get married early’ in an interview while dating someone and would show up with love bites on his neck and chest and wear a turtleneck for the shooting. Is there anyone who is working in this industry and does not know about this?”

A also wrote, “Why do you think Cube artists can’t work in China? The lawsuit against Cube is all fabricated. Knowing that Chinese netizens don’t know Korean, he started a con.”

Earlier on Nov 24, Lai Kuaulin was embroiled in controversy when he was spotted smoking and spitting on the street. Then the very next day, his private social media account was discovered, and he was suspected of giving away his fans’ presents to his girlfriend. The artist posted apologies on his Weibo account for both occasions but only became a target of ridicule when netizens pointed out his wrong spelling and grammar.

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