Uhm Jung Hwa Plucks Up Her Courage with Refund Sisters

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Uhm Jung Hwa expressed her feelings after successfully completing How Do You Play?‘s second project group Refund Sisters.

With How Do You Play?, Uhm Jung Hwa challenged her first-ever group activities and filled the small screen with her perfect chemistry with the rest of the members. And with Refund Group’s debut song “Don’t Touch Me,” she gifted her music to her fans who have been waiting for her comeback.

Q1. How do you feel now that you have finished your first group activities as Refund Sisters?

Thanks to all your support and love, I was able to bring Refund Sisters activities to a successful conclusion. I am just grateful that I was given the time and opportunity to perform on stage with my beloved and favorite juniors, Manok (Lee Hyori), Eunbi (Jessi), and Silbi (Hwasa).


Q2. What was the most memorable episode during the promotion?

Every moment is embedded in my memory. But if I have to choose one, I think it will be when we were recording for “Don’t Touch Me.” Truth be told, I had this fear in my heart of wondering ‘should I really show this candidly?’ But as I was filming, I shook off this fear and recorded my part thinking, “I am really going to show my honest self.” And thanks to that, the song turned out much better.

Q3. You worked with Jimmy Yoo (Yoo Jae Suk), Jung Bong Won (Jung Jae Hyung) and Kim Ji Sub (Kim Jong Min).

I am grateful to all our members, but I am most thankful to Jimmy Yoo. He even gifted me lessons as a gift so that I could try once again and train my vocal cords. After every filming, he sent me texts like “You were amazing” or “That was so much fun,” and I learned and felt a lot in how to treat people from him.

Bong Won and Ji Sub have a lot of meaning to me, and the fact that I got to work with them for my Refund Sisters activities is meaningful and astonishing. Also, rather than only guessing how much Bong Won and Ji Sub care and love me, I got to feel them directly through their reactions and eyes. And that was such a happy, thankful and really precious time for me.


Q4. What are your future plans?

I really did have a fantastic time working as Manok. From now on, I will pluck up my courage in both my acting and music as “Uhm Jung Hwa.” As much support has been given to me with my Refund Sisters promotions and gained significant strength, I would like to try everything with the heart of “I can do it. Don’t Touch Me” so that this time would not go in vain. Once again, thank you for loving “Refund Sisters” and “Manok”! I love you.


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