Red Velvet Is Making Their Comeback?

Credit: SM Entertainment

Recently, Chris Lee, CEO of SM Entertainment, briefly mentioned Red Velvet’s comeback during a conference, drawing keen attention.

Today, Chris Lee became a speaker in one of the sessions at the COMEUP 2020, South Korea’s leading tech-event for startups. Talking about “Culture Technology Shining in the Non-Contact Era,” Chris Lee opened up about SM’s future plans.

First, he shared SM’s plan to mark a start to its “virtual nation.” Using hints about aespa in NCT and Super M’s music videos, Lee added, “Instead of creating one storytelling for one team, we will start to create one big worldview that our entire artists share together. We call this ‘SM Culture Universe.’ We are in the process of realizing and materializing what we’ve dreamed of and what we’ve declared since 2011.”

He then gave a glimpse into BoA’s upcoming album and said, “Personally, BoA’s new title song ‘Better’ is such an amazing song. You can surely look forward to her new music, choreography, and music video.”

Of all the things we talked about, what caught the most attention was the part he mentioned Red Velvet. “There has been a little controversy recently, but we have sincerely expressed our apology. And Red Velvet will be back soon as a more matured group,” Chris Lee said, heralding Red Velvet’s comeback.

Here are some of the comments: “Yes, I’ve been waiting.” “So Irene is just going to come out like nothing happened?” “Guys, Irene personally apologized to that editor. Aly off.” “Irene did cause a stir, but the rest of the members did nothing wrong.” “I think they should wait a bit longer.” “But still, ‘power trip’ will follow Irene forever.” “They should just focus on aespa for a while.” “I welcome everyone except Irene.”

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