Lee Je Hoon and Esom Will Become Dark Heroes in SBS’s New Drama

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Lee Je Hoon and Esom have been cast to star in SBS’s new drama Deluxe Taxi (literal title). The two will turn into K-Heroes who pursue justice at any coast.

Deluxe Taxi is a crime entertainment action drama. It depicts the story of a taxi company called “Rainbow Transportation” that takes revenge on behalf of innocent victims who are not protected by the law. This will be a K-Hero drama created by “Rainbow Transportation,” the perpetrators after the company, and the public power that chases after these criminals.

Lee Je Hoon plays Kim Do Gi, a former special force and the current Rainbow Transportation driver. Not only does he have unwavering boldness, gut feelings and the ability to make cold-headed judgments, but he is also specialized in action. Esom will take on the role of Kang Ha Na, a prosecutor who pursues justice like a bulldozer. Kang Ha Na is an elite prosecutor with a pretty face and a cool personality. While tracing missing ex-convicts, she starts to have questions about Rainbow Transportation and its driver Kim Do Gi.

Kim Eui Sung will play Rainbow Transportation CEO Jang Sung Chul. He is soft-hearted to the victims but becomes ruthless to the perpetrators. APRIL’s Naeun has also been cast to play the role of Go Eun. Go Eun, a highly skilled hacker for Rainbow Transportation, utilizes everything that works digitally, including security cameras, smartphones and computers. She becomes the eyes and ears for Kim Do Gi.

The production team said, “It’s a drama designed to make viewers exhilarating pleasure. Please look forward to a work that will act as a stress reliever for you.”

Meanwhile, Doctor Detective director Park Joon Woo will be directing the drama and Fabricated City writer Oh Sang Ho will pen the script. Deluxe Taxi is scheduled to air next year.

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