Girl Group Idols Who Have Caught the Eyes with Their Unique Talents in Entertainment Shows

There are girl group members who proudly took up one spot as ‘entertainment idols’ (idols who show great performances in entertainment shows) in the broadcasting industry. Lovelyz’s Mijoo, Oh My Girl’s Seunghee, and Momoland’s JooE are loved for their friendly images shown in entertainment programs, unlike their charismatic performances on stage. Thanks to their distinctive personality and charm, they became one of the most sought after idols from various production teams.


Lovelyz’s Mijoo – Her bold talk will surprise you!

Her powerful weapon is her voluble style. Lovelyz’s Mijoo proved her talents in The Sixth Sense, which recently finished its first season. She knocked down the main emcee Yoo Jae Suk with her “R-rated talks” that most idols avoid. Her unique affinity also adds strength to her regular appearance in entertainment programs. It seems like she can become friends with anyone, even Oh Na Ra, who is 20 years older than Mijoo. She would always perk up the atmosphere as the youngest member and as a “mood maker.”


Oh My Girl’s Seunghee – She is an excellent emcee

Oh My Girl’s Seunghee always gives off a fresh and cute vibe. She once appeared on a shopping channel and joked, “So you’ve been baking since you were 6 years old?” to a baker with 26 years of experience, and this scene became a hot topic. Her calm emcee skills are also outstanding. She is currently hosting KBS’s Not Soccer or Baseball alongside baseball legend Park Chan Ho and soccer legend Lee Young Pyo and is receiving positive reviews for “ideally balancing the show.” It is also delightful to see her “control” the two legends with her words.


Momoland’s JooE – The epitome of “excitement”

The greatest strength that JooE has is her undying pleasant energy. I think I’ve never seen her being tired in any of the shows she appeared in. Some of the cast even ask her, “How do you keep up that tension?” If she hears music, then she starts to dance no matter what, earning the titles like “maker of excitement” or “rich with excitement.” From beauty shows to talk shows about humanities, she can pull off any kind of program. This year alone, she performed in various shows, including tvN’s Kim Chang Ok Show and Lifetime’s Beauty Time Season 2.

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