TV Personality Sayuri Became a Mother After Getting Pregnant by a Sperm Donor

Sayuri Fujita became a mother.

According to a KBS report on November 16, Sayuri gave birth to a son after getting pregnant with a sperm donor.

Sayuri had a phone interview on KBS’s News 9 the same day and said, “When I heard from my ob/gyn that ‘natural pregnancy is difficult, and the chances of success even for IVF treatment are slim to none,’ I felt my whole world collapsed.” Explaining that she didn’t want to get married without love, Sayuri said that she decided to visit a sperm bank.

“In Korea, only married women are allowed to receive IVF treatments, and everything is illegal,” she added, saying that she went to Japan to find a sperm donor. Sayuri then stressed, “I hope Korea will also recognize women’s right to have a baby.”

About why she decided to publicly announce her pregnancy, Sayuri said, “I want to become a proud mother to my baby, not a lying mother.” She also stated that she wants single mothers to be accepted and not be frowned upon or looked down on anymore.

After the news of her pregnancy and childbirth was released, Sayuri wrote, “First, thank you to everyone. On November 4, 2020, I became a mother to my son. Becoming a single mother was not an easy decision, but it is also not a shameful decision. I want to thank my son for making me a proud mother,” on her Instagram.

Meanwhile, Sayuri opened her own YouTune channel “Sayuri TV” in October last year. She posted a video taken at an Indian restaurant in Hongdae on November 6, two days after giving birth to her son.

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