‘Seobok’ Drops the Riveting Second Trailer

Credit: CJ Entertainment
Credit: CJ Entertainment

Seobok, starring Gong Yoo and Park Bo Gum, unveiled its emotional second trailer.

Seobok tells the story of former agent Ki Heon, who is given his last order to protect mutated human clone Seo Bok, who holds the secret of eternal life. With many people seeking to obtain that secret, the two are caught up in an unexpected situation.

The second trailer begins with Seo Bok (Par Bo Gum), who asks, “What is being eternal?” Ki Heon (Gong Yoo), who is facing his death, is given his last order to protect the world’s first human clone Seo Bok, who is trapped in the time of eternity. As soon as they set off, they are attacked by unknown forces.

Seo Bok, who finds everything fascinating as he faces the real world for the first time, and Ki Heon, who just wants to get done with the mission, encounter all kinds of trouble everywhere they go, but they gradually get to know each other through the journey.

Chief Ahn (Cho Woo Jin), who wants to cover up the existence of Seo Bok forever, personally steps up to terminate the two, and the sight of Seo Bok walking towards him and his armed team as he says, “I’ve been thinking about my fate,” amplifies the curiosity.

The highly anticipated movie Seobok will be released in December.

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